About the Stricksters

Hello there! Thank you for taking time to read this part! It’s where I get to tell you all about me and my husband!

My name is Shelby, I am a 27 year-old (Yes, its hard to believe. I have a baby face) woman living in a small town in central Florida. I have lived in said small town in central Florida for 18 years. Although there was a  small two year break where I attended college at Southeastern University and got my Bachelor’s Degree in Practical Theology (as opposed to Impractical Theology). SEU is also where I met the love of my love, Aaron Strickland. He was (and still is) an amazingly talented drummer and most obviously the best looking man on campus. So I said…YOU’RE GONNA MARRY ME! And that’s what happened…on November 5, 2011 we were married. For almost 4 years it was just the two of us (that time was absolutely amazing) and then on August 25, 2015 our family grew. Our baby girl was born!

As you can tell, we are pretty ordinary people just trying to figure out the path we know God has laid out for us and having lots of fun doing it. We believe there is something EXTRAordinary in every ordinary situation and we intend to find it!

Anyways…if there is anything else you want to know about us…just ask. Now for a couple of peectures of us!imageimage


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