I Have Victories to Taste…

Recently I have had this nagging feeling.

That OH MY GOSH! I AM 24 YEARS OLD AND I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM “SUPPOSED TO DO” WITH MY LIFE! I thought I did…that’s why I went to college, that’s why I chose my major…but then…NO! And now….YES? I don’t know.

We are taught from an early age that what we do in the future is most important. They encourage us to start dreaming in elementary school and by high school we better have it figured out. We can’t vote or drink or rent a car but we better know what career we want to pursue for the rest of our lives. UGH. No soap box I promise…kind of. Well by the end of high school…I had it figured out! I had that career thing on LOCK DOWN! And then I got to college, and then I did my internship…and then I WIGGED OUT and thought, NO NO NO I don’t want to do this but I couldn’t change my major! And I have been in the perpetual state of not knowing what career I want to pursue since then.

To sum it up…I don’t know what I want TO DO but




I know who I want TO BE.

And I think that is most important. Who cares if I practice law or medicine or if I bag groceries at Publix? That isn’t WHO I AM that is WHAT I DO!

I was listening to Dashboard Confessional (SIDE NOTE: I am pretty sure I ONLY listened to Dashboard Confessional in high school — I was way more EMO than I thought) in the car this morning and this old song “Reason  to Believe” came on. One of the lines in the song says this:

“I have reason to believe that I have victories to taste
I can feel them on my teeth, upon my lips and in my chest
I can roll them on my tongue, they are more supple than defeat”

I LOVE THOSE LINES! It was a sign for me…a sign that good things are coming my way! And they don’t necessarily involve career changes…it’s more like character changes! I have victories to taste…you just wait and see!


In other news, Aaron and I went to do a little house shopping yesterday! It was very exciting and made us feel all grown up. Nothing to speak of yet but I have a feeling…VICTORIES TO TASTE REMEMBER!!!!

Aaron is terrified of sinkholes, I think he is convinced that if we bought a home in Spring Hill we would be swallowed by a big black sinkhole, which I mean could happen but Que Sera, Sera right?!

We looked at 3 homes and decided that if we could take the inside of the 3rd home put it in the outside of the 2nd home and then place on the street the 1st home was on we would be IN HEAVEN. But unfortunately house hunting isn’t like a build-your-own-bear…it’s way more lame and grown up.


Have I mentioned that I am LITERALLY obsessed with Dawson’s Creek? I own the entire collection and I have watched it in its entirety at least TWICE! Also, if I could choose any decade to live in ETERNALLY…it would be the 90s, I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! To end this post that got super random at the end, here is a 90s meme that made me LOL…no no…ROFL….no no…LMBO…no no…all of the above. You probably won’t laugh as hard as I did because I am a little more lame than you…

90s meme

Oh my gosh I am dying over here!!




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