I’m Back!

Dearest Blog,

I am sorry I have forsaken you for so long! Honestly, so much has been happening that I didn’t have time to update this thing…and even more honestly, I haven’t really felt inspired to blog.

I have been in a really odd place lately.

One that is both uncomfortable and terrifying. It’s almost as if my heart is in one place but my mind and body can’t catch up. I have so many desires, so many things I want to do but I have to wait. And that is what is so incredibly uncomfortable and terrifying especially for a control freak like me.

I WANT TO KNOW NOW! I HAVE TO KNOW NOW! I NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT’S TO COME –screams the controlling side of me! But our Lord, who is all knowing and ever patient, whispers back…Silly girl everything has always been in My control from the beginning, I am preparing you now for things to come. My timing is perfect just wait and see.

And so I trust (or at least try to)…because I know He is right and more importantly I know He is faithful.

So to update you on the past month that you have missed:

  • My Fine Arts team placed 6th in our district (they competed with over 100 teams)! They make me so proud I could squish them!
  • Aaron and I were pre-approved for a mortgage and are now house hunting HOLLA!
  • We celebrated Mother’s Day with both mothers. We took my mother-in-law to IKEA and we basically drooled the whole time over those pre-fab kitchens (GIVE ME THEM ALL).
  • My posse decided to start group working out…this girl almost died running…no LITERALLY almost died! Look!4A434AD4-EDCE-4669-B567-88103F173EF8
  • Aaron and Bindy shared a special father/daughter moment during post work out stretches!cuties
  • Finally, I mugged on my good looking man! I mean who could resist really? He is the best!boi

The End! I will try never to leave you again! We have many, many plans for this Memorial Day weekend…most importantly though is being grateful for the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom! Thank you!


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